Monday, August 12, 2013 Improving How We Learn with Online Video

Do you have your students watch online videos in support of your classes? Are you using or thinking of using the flipped classroom model? You're going to love this!

I think what I love most about is that it is a tool designed to improve how we learn with online video, which is truly one of the biggest needs in education today. The recent video revolution has dramatically increased the amount of online video used to support formal and informal learning but, often, it's just tough to track what we learn with videos. Even when we deliberately take notes while watching a video and include the link to the video in the notes, the desire to view that very moment in the video again at which a concept was discussed or explained is experienced. And I imagine this is even more true for second language learners, dyslexics, and other "non-traditional" learners. If you use online videos in your classes, take 4-minutes to watch the video I created below. It will show you the benefit of using and demonstrate how it integrates directly with Google Drive, creating a simple, cloud-based access pathway to your notes (which you can even share with others).

I'd love to hear from some of you who have been using awhile and might have some student feedback to share.  My only hiccup I experienced was an inability to get the video to pause by using the combination key command specified on the screen.  This may be user error. :-/

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