Thursday, December 2, 2010

Posterous: Easy Group Blogging

I realize isn't exactly new but I'm new to it and just had to share my experiences. is a blog site that allows you to create one (or more) blogs that are owned exclusively by you or that you may designate as a "group blog."  You identify who can contribute to your blog and those individuals can add a post to the blog simply by sending an email to your blog's unique email address.  Within minutes, the email is translated into a new blog post.

Better yet, attach an image and posterous embeds the image right into the post (same for videos).  Urls are turned into hyper links, except for YouTube urls which are actually converted into embedded videos.  It's really quite genius.  And for a teacher who's looking for a fast and easy solution to creating a group blog for a class (or several group blogs for student groups), it's a great solution.

I've created a group blog for the Mobile Learning Think Tank workshop at Pasadena City College next Thursday, December 9th.  It will be our "sandbox" for a back channel and sharing new ideas that sprout out of the workshop presentations.  I'm excited!  We selected the presentations today and they're great.  I'll share details soon.

Want to attend Mobile Learning Think Tank in Pasadena or virtually?  Click here to register.  It's free!

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