Thursday, August 15, 2013

Virtual Author Chat via Google+ Hangout

This morning I had the pleasure to be streamed live via a Google+ Hangout from my home office in Rocklin, CA to Fort Worth, TX to speak with a group of 100+ faculty at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary about my book, Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies. +Greg Smith , Associate VP for Academic Administration, invited me for the event and it was a great opportunity to apply Hangouts to connect with faculty and share ideas.

The live feed was shared online via Google+ today and a few faculty members also engaged in a Twitter backchannel, sharing reflections during the presentation.  The only "goof" was on my part (I am learning, just like you!).  While recording the Hangout, the user who launches the Hangout on Air (in this case, me) is responsible for manually toggling between the attendees' (me and Greg) video images to "tell" the YouTube recording which image will appear in the large video screen.  Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in our conversation that I forgot to do this. Oops. So, for most of the conversation, you'll "see" Greg and "hear" me.  But you can still "see" me somewhat through the large screen projection screen in the back, which is what the faculty in the room were viewing.

It was a great experiment and I enjoyed the dialogue.  I'd love to do more of these!

This video may be viewed on YouTube at:

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