Conversations with Educators

Keynote Presentations and More

  • Can't You Just Lecture To Me? Strategies for Transforming Reluctant Learners when Teaching with Emerging Technologies (1 hour) Keynote from the 2012 Learning 2.0 Conference.   
  • CUE LIVE 2012 Interview (11 minutes) Julie Duffield and I spend a few minutes discussing online learning, social media, and the exciting pedagogical possibilities upon us. Recorded at the 2012 CUE Conference in Palm Springs. 
  • Expanding the Funnel: Increasing Degree Attainment through Teaching Innovations (16 minutes) A video I created for Cisco's Global Education Forum.  It presents a condensed overview of my "flipping the classroom" experiment and considers the possibilities that this approach, and other teaching innovations, hold for increasing students success and degree attainment. 
  • Teaching in the Era of Participation  (70 minutes) A video recording of my keynote presentation at the 2011 Online Teaching Conference at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA.  I share my personal journey as a community college instructor through the emergence of web 2.0 and social media and demonstrate how my own participation in social media inspired me to transform my students' learning experiences. Included is an overview of my art history "flipping the classroom" innovation (which incorporates mobile lectures and formative VoiceThread assessments) that resulted in a 10% increase in student success and retention. 
  • Student Voices: Reflections on "Flipping" the College Classroom (20 minutes)This is an intimate interview between me and three community college art history students at the end of a 16-week flipped classroom semester. Before class, students accessed the mobile lectures (share in PDF and enhanced podcast format) and participated in collaborative, formative VoiceThread assessments.  Overwhelming?  Too much work?  Listen for yourself.
  • Painting, Power, and Pedagogy (60 minutes) Keynote from EduSoCal10, Loyola Marymount University, May 2010. Explores the art historical role of innovation and risk-taking in western society, highlighting the potential of creativity in teaching to unhinge higher education from its lecture-based traditions. The presentation showcases a specific case study in teaching innovation from my community college History of Women in Art class that examines the learning effects of an instructional model that embraces active learning in the classroom, rather than passive delivery of lecture. Student feedback and survey results are included.
  • Are You Ready for an Online Class?  (60 minutes) This is an audio-visual recording of a student success workshop I presented in 2007 at Sierra College (while employed there as a full-time art history professor). 
  • VoiceThread for Online Teaching and Learning: Practical Design Strategies and Student Perspectives (interactive -- join in!)