Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Educators

I'm fresh home from Pasadena where a group of 100 educators explored the potential of mobility in education.  Our dialogue largely centered around why it is so important to change the way we facilitate learning in our institutions of higher education and offered hands-on opportunities for leveraging collaborative tools for learning.

In a workshop I convened, we pondered how the recent decision of Ning to eliminate free networks would affect educators' integration of  social networking into learning.  Ian Bogost shared a provocative and compelling presentation tracing the potential of videogames to create relevant, immersive learning opportunities.  Steve Hargadon presented "Learning 2.0," a dynamic tour of the participatory learning environments that have revolutionized our society and reshaped the way our students are forming relationships.  Regan Caruthers offered a glimpse into the many ways that open content can, but isn't, revolutionizing our students' learning, despite the enormous content that exists...for free.  Our panel discussion was filled with passion and reflection.

All in all, the messages we collaboratively explored at the conference, and continue to through our Ning network, are centered around pedagogically shifts through mobile devices and web 2.0.

Then...just a moment ago, Diana Wakimoto forwarded this to me.  Seems we truly do need to invite our students into this dialogue.  Bravo, Mr. Dan Brown!

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