Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching with VoiceThread Hangout Archive

Today I had a really exhilarating "Teaching with VoiceThread Hangout" with Brad Belbas, Suzanne Friedman, Deborah Lemon, Jaime Vandergrift, and Amanda Volz.  Great ideas and tips were shared!  Deborah Lemon shared her screen and showcased a fabulous and practical application of VoiceThread in which her Spanish students create their own VoiceThreads that include brief webcam recordings of themselves demonstrating their Spanish speaking skills.  Their peers leave comments using their own webcams (a required component of the assignment) and the student (creator) joins in by commenting back.  The result is an asynchronous video dialogue in Spanish.  We had a great, reflective discussion about the importance of creativity as a skill in the 21st century, the value of VoiceThread as a digital ePortfolio tool in higher education and I had a chance to demo how to use Identities and the Move feature to facilitate an effective conversation with feedback in VoiceThread.

Join me next month!

I hope you enjoy the archive!  If you'd like to join in on our next "Teaching with VoiceThread Hangout" scheduled for 10am PST / 1pm EST, please go to my Google+ page and add me to your Circles.  The live stream of each Hangout is always embedded on the Hangouts page of my blog if you'd just like to watch.

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