Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Video: Our Most Misunderstood Teaching and Learning Asset

This month, in my featured GETInsight blog post, I reflect on the ways in which video has been transformed as a medium and has transformed many aspects of our lives and I lay these significant shifts on top of the minimal changes in how video is applied in higher education today as a teaching and learning tool.  I invite you to read the post and view the related video, Online Learning in the Social Era: Human, Connected, and Inclusive, and leave a comment here or on the GETInsight blog in response to how you feel about whether or not video is engaged as effectively as it could or should be in online teaching and and learning today.  Be sure to consider video as a tool for both instructor *and* student use.  I would love to hear your thoughts!  Enjoy the post and the video and please share!

Click here to go straight to the GETInsight post, "Video: Our Most Misunderstood Teaching and Learning Asset"

*Each month, I write a sponsored blog post for Cisco's GETinsight blog, which is part of the network, a global community of educators with a shared interest in discovering ways to change and innovate education through technology.


Sara Jones21 said...

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