Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Challenging our Assumptions about Online Learning

Just came across the superb presentation on SlideShare by Maria Puzzifero, CSU Global Campus, and Kaye Shelton, of Dallas Baptist University.  I quickly marked it as a favorite, shared it on Twitter and I'm encouraging a contemplative review of the ideas here too.

The content shared here is of extreme relevance to all of higher education today and situates education today within an extreme paradigm shift, the pedagogical demands of which online learning is poised to meet.  I'm elated to see such a timely conversation focused specifically on online teaching and learning, when so many of my day-to-day conversations and reflections seem to be pertaining to managing class size increases in the wake of more detrimental budget cuts.

I have always believed that if learning is truly valued as the outcome of an educational experience, then pedagogy will be the driver that determines the tools we use to deliver our courses, the number of students in a class, the questions we ask as we design the environment in which our students learn.  The presentation shared here is clearly situated within the context of the learning needs of 21st century citizens.  Unfortunately, the realities of college professors today reveal a different story.

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amberman said...

Looks very interesting. I would like to get a chance to hear them give this talk, because I didn't fully understand all their points - and they flipped between statements that they didn't agree with and were challenging, and ones they supported, so at a couple of points I wasn't sure what they were trying to say.