Monday, March 22, 2010

MoblEd10: A Free CA Conference You Won't Want to Miss!

I have been honored with the invitation to co-coordinate this year's MoblEd10 conference at Pasadena City College on April 19-20 and registration is now open!  

Last year, I blogged about my terrific experiences at MoblEd09 and this year's event is sure to provide many more opportunities for mind flexing!  

Why should you attend MoblEd10 at Pasadena City College on April 19-20? Here are five great reasons!
  1. It's FREE!
  2. If you're a California community college instructor and one of the first 75 to register, you'll be rewarded with a FREE iPod Touch which you'll put to great use at the conference and in your classroom (right?)
  3. You'll be engaged in a thought provoking dialogue with industry and education leaders about how mobile technologies are transforming the way we work, learn and...well, do just about everything.
  4. You'll have a sumptious list of dynamic web 2.0 workshops to choose from, resulting in a toolkit of tangible tools (free to low cost) that you can implement the next day in your own teaching.  Here are a few:  Ning (led by yours truly), Twitter, Animoto, Skype, Google Earth, Jing and more!
  5. Did I mention it's in beautiful Pasadena, CA?  The closest airport is Burbank, check out the great fares on Southwest!
Want to learn more?  Explore the MoblEd10 Ning site for more details and click on the Register tab when you're ready to attend!

MoblEd10 is made possible through generous funding from the New Media & Entertainment Initiative as a statewide hub activity, and a curriculum development grant in partnership with the Economic Workforce Development and the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office.

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