Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VoiceThread Goodies for 2014: eBook Discount & Free Feedback Icons!

Save 50% on my eBook, How to Humanize Your Online Class with VoiceThread

Smashwords: Coupon Code: LZ39B 
Between now and January 31st, get 50% off my eBook*, How to Humanize Your Online Class with VoiceThread, at Smashwords using the coupon code LZ39B.

Learn more about the eBook here!
(*Discount not available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Kindle version is available at Smashwords.)

Free Custom Feedback Icons

Also, one of the most demanded custom feature requests I receive is for "feedback icons" for use in VoiceThread.  In chapter 4, I explain how I use VoiceThread's Identities feature to toggle between avatars and leave "Feedback" for students on a single VoiceThread page. Doing so allows me have multiple visual markers of my presence, which is usually not a possibility in VoiceThread when multiple comments are left on a single slide using the same identity (the avatar only appears one time and students typically are not aware that feedback has been left for them).

I have produced a beautiful set of 12 custom feedback icons that I am giving away free to all current members of the Teaching with VoiceThread Google+ Community, in addition to any new members who join between now and the end of February 2014! Of course, I am hopeful that this will stimulate some conversation and sharing in our community about all the great things you have been doing with VoiceThread. :) Share your stuff. It will inspire others!

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