Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paying it Forward.

Since 2007, I have openly shared my experiences, my work, my ideas, questions, and my frustrations here on my blog.  I know there are many who read but don't comment -- and that's quite ok.  I can't put into words how amazing it feels to me to attend a conference and have complete strangers introduce themselves to me, sharing their gratitude for all that they've learned from my blog.

This week my son started middle school and it has been a rather difficult transition for him.  So, as any mom would, I'm doing everything I can to try to help him.  He has been given the task to sell magazines.  Typically, our family buys one or two to support the school and we leave it at that but this year, I thought I'd try something different.  I thought I'd weave this into my blog as an opportunity for my readers to "pay it forward" and send a silent note of thanks or a thumbs up to me if you have learned something from my blog over the years.  I regularly turn down advertisement offers and guest blog post offers for my blog in an effort to maintain integrity on my site.  I feel confident I've maintained a consistent experience here for educators to share and learn together and today, I ask you to give back for my son, Jack, who is truly the bravest young person I know.

The proceeds go to Springview Middle School. I hope you'll consider purchasing a magazine subscription or two for yourself or as gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  Thank you!

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