Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Learning Changes When Students Become the Teachers

Each month, I write a sponsored blog post for Cisco's GETinsight blog, which is part of the network, a global community of educators with a shared interest in discovering ways to change and innovate education through technology.

In this month's post, I share a detailed overview of a non-traditional learning activity I use in my online History of Photography class.  I have found that many educators see the potential in using web 2.0 and social media tools to activate student learning but what's critical at this moment is for specific practices to be shared so we call can come together, consider them, discuss them, and evolve them into what's right for our own classes.

The activity I share is titled Visual Thinking and it's a 2-week activity that uses VoiceThread as the platform for a student-curated learning unit about mid-20th century photographers.  In the activity, students take ownership of researching one photographer, contributing media (examples of the photographer's work) and voice or video comments to the VoiceThread to fulfill the content criteria for the activity, as well as an open-ended discussion prompt. The following week, the class re-engages with the newly curated unit, delving into each other's discussion questions. 

I invite you to peruse the details of the activity by reading the post and reflect on the deeper question that guided this teaching experiment for me, "How does learning change when students become the teachers?" This question will be further explored in a free VoiceThread-sponsored webinar I am hosting on Thursday, July 19th at 12pm PST/3pm EST

Click here to read the post.  Enjoy!

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