Friday, April 27, 2012

How-To Guide: Collaborative Google Prez

Back in January I shared a post titled "Breaking the Ice with a Collaborative Google Prez," in which I explained how I've been using a Google Presentation, shared with anyone who has the link to have edit access, as the foundation for a social "ice breaker" and reflection activity in my online class.  That original post with provide you with more context about the activity, including a sample of the template I provide to students (i.e. what the presentation looks like before they edit it).

This week I took some time to create a guide to explain the steps involved with creating this type of activity.  The guide, however, is written with an in-class activity in mind but if you're interested in understanding the nuts' n bolts of how to set up a Google Presentation with the most effective sharing settings for this type of activity, I think you'll find it helpful.

Click here to open the guide in a new page (then click "download" to save it as a PDF) or view it below.  This document is shared with a BY-NC Creative Commons license to promote sharing, learning, and innovation in teaching and learning.

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