Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is Mobile Learning "Smarter" Learning?

by TZA on Flickr
Each month, I author a blog post on the GETinsight blog, part of Cisco Systems' network, about a topic relevant to educational innovation.  

This month, I am exploring the relationship between cognitive brain research and mobile learning -- not a topic a claim to be an expert on, but certainly one I've been pondering quite a bit lately.  From my own mobile learning experiences, I find a much a higher rate of retention and deep learning when I am a mobile learner (usually on a walk or in a quiet place at a time that is convenient for me) versus in a scheduled, face-to-face setting.  Mobile learning seems to meet the human brain's craving for multisensory experiences and offers the opportunity to, well, be mobile and engage in physical activity while learning -- which is kind of like sprinkling your brain with vitamin powder. 

I hope you'll venture on over to the blog post here, take a gander, and join in on the VoiceThread conversation I've set up.  Hope to "see" you soon!
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