Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"I'm Not Stupid!": How Open Ed Video Resources Will Change Education

For the past month, I have been a lurker in the Khan Academy Google Group.  I've been reflecting on the constant flow of comments submitted by "users" of the Khan videos who include a wide mix of people but often are teachers and students.  I am inspired but also saddened by the comments from students who share empowering stories of how the videos have enabled them to experience their capabilities to learn.  And this experience is the catalyst that sparked my most recent GETInsight blog* post.  I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to leave a comment on the post or in the VoiceThread.

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Barry Brown said...

Why are you saddened by the comments?

Unknown said...

Hi Barry. I am saddened to see students self-identify as "incompetent" as a result of the way they've been educated. I'm inspired to see them realize their capabilities but can't help to think about all the students who feel poorly about themselves and the effects this has on so many dimensions of their lives.