Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raw Passion: Innovation in Teaching

As our educational committee continues to encourage innovations in teaching, it's important that we consider the emotional journey wrapped up in experimentation.  Innovation demands risk-taking and this can be a scary step for professors, who are viewed as experts and authorities.  How can we leverage our raw passion to get through the murky waters that lead to new, exciting learning environments?

This month in my blog post, I explore this topic in "Raw Passion: Innovation in Teaching."  I invite you to read the blog post and contribute to the related VoiceThread reflection.

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Robin said...

enjoyed the post... i think that while its often tough for professors to try something new, there's no reason to be nervous! the fact is students want to learn through innovative and technologically advanced styles... their attention will pique and your class will be better just for trying.

Unknown said...

Hi Robin, thanks for your comment. It sounds to me like you are representating a college student's perspective. Is that correct? If so, I can't tell you how important your voice is in this conversation and I couldn't agree with you more.