Thursday, December 23, 2010

Technology in Learning: Is it Worth it?

I had to share this fabulous debate between two educators, Dina Strasser and Bill Ferriter, about whether or not technology infused learning improves or denigrates education.  A great read, surely to provoke a hearty discussion.
What do you think? Is opening your classroom to the world via the Internet a 21st century necessity? Or is it more important to make sure students are fully engaged in their own regions and hometowns? And if you believe there’s a balance, what does that look like?

Read Bill and Dina's viewpoints here.


Algot Runeman said...

"To lead out" is one of the definitions of education. Putting up mental fences to prevent children from leaving the "safe" local community is not a good idea. Honoring our parents is one good, but realizing one's personal scope is also good. The two are often at odds, but not truly incompatible if the local community wants to let its young people join the larger society.

Paul Bogush said...

How is this for an answer ;)