Saturday, April 10, 2010

Your Hybrid Classroom: Will You Change Your Paradigm?

I learned a lot today.  As I shared in my earlier posts, a recent presentation I shared on received a great deal of attention.  What I'm reflecting on now is how much I was motivated by seeing my own content "go viral."  I was so motivated that I uploaded another presentation just a few hours ago title, "Your Hybrid Classroom: Will You Change Your Paradigm?"  This is a variation of a presentation I gave recently to a group of hybrid faculty at a near by university.

Here is the embedded presentation. I do hope you enjoy it and that it inspires a few professors to embrace hybrid teaching as an opportunity to change their teaching paradigm.

Within a few hours of posting the above presentation to, I received an email from Slideshare informing me that it had been selected to be showcased on their homepage in the "Featured Presentations" area.  Wow! Now I just want to share more!  I think, as educators, we need to pause and learn from this, as these extrinsic rewards really to motivate one to want to do good work and share it with the world...not such a bad thing, is it?

I took this screenshot because I realize this attention is fleeting (and I needed some kind of proof!):

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