Sunday, September 27, 2009

I believe...

I am an educator whose personal career goal is to innovate. In a context of budget blues, furlough Fridays, and a grimmer year around the bend, how does one sustain an argument for innovation when there is no other voice but her own singing this lonely song? I can feel my passion wane and my energy tank -- and this is a horrific feeling to me. Our students need innovation in education. I must remind myself of what I believe in, so I remember why I do what I do. If you too believe, please let share a comment here.

I believe...
  • in the energy sent through the spark in a student's eye.
  • in the need for educators to teach students that it's important to be passionate.
  • in creativity.
  • that today's students will create a better world for my children.
  • collaborative learning environments are more inclusive than lectures.
  • lectures need to leave the classroom and enter the iPod.
  • classrooms should be spaces for discussion, debate, and dialogue.
  • a teacher's job is to evoke passion in a student and engage him/her in the learning process.
  • online learning is revolutionary or destructive, depending on how it is managed.
  • we can do better.
  • we need to listen to our students more.
  • that failure is a necessary step towards improvement.
  • that risk taking should be rewarded.
  • in open education.
  • in global perspectives.
  • technology can help us.
  • I can make a difference. I just need to figure out how.
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