Sunday, September 27, 2009

I believe...

I am an educator whose personal career goal is to innovate. In a context of budget blues, furlough Fridays, and a grimmer year around the bend, how does one sustain an argument for innovation when there is no other voice but her own singing this lonely song? I can feel my passion wane and my energy tank -- and this is a horrific feeling to me. Our students need innovation in education. I must remind myself of what I believe in, so I remember why I do what I do. If you too believe, please let share a comment here.

I believe...
  • in the energy sent through the spark in a student's eye.
  • in the need for educators to teach students that it's important to be passionate.
  • in creativity.
  • that today's students will create a better world for my children.
  • collaborative learning environments are more inclusive than lectures.
  • lectures need to leave the classroom and enter the iPod.
  • classrooms should be spaces for discussion, debate, and dialogue.
  • a teacher's job is to evoke passion in a student and engage him/her in the learning process.
  • online learning is revolutionary or destructive, depending on how it is managed.
  • we can do better.
  • we need to listen to our students more.
  • that failure is a necessary step towards improvement.
  • that risk taking should be rewarded.
  • in open education.
  • in global perspectives.
  • technology can help us.
  • I can make a difference. I just need to figure out how.


candee basford said...

I believe in the possibility found in human interaction.

Nice post Michelle. My sense is that waning passion and energy is a symptom of isolation - especially prevalent, curiously enough, in higher education. And, I wonder if our desire for collaborative learning is (also) rooted in our desire to be a part of a learning community.

I've enjoyed your blog.

Michelle Pacansky-Brock said...

Thanks, Candee. I think you're spot on about feeling isolated. I certainly feel like an oddball at times seeking innovation in a land of tradition. But, as I see it, my focus on collaborative learning is more rooted in our need to be modeling and teaching 21st century skills than my own desire to be part of a learning community (but that's great too!).

I thank you for your gracious comment. It's nice to know you are out there (I already feel less isolate...grin).


Diana Wakimoto said...

I believe in innovation that comes from caring about our students' learning experiences.

I believe in supporting and collaborating with others in creating and disseminating innovative teaching and learning practices.

I believe that the perfect time for innovation is now.

Excellent post. I think I need to tack a copy of it on my office wall. :)

Anonymous said...

♠♠Hi Michelle, we miss you at Sierra! Sooo happy your blog is continuing. Still haven't done much with iTunes or sharing with other teachers, but have started my first Ning Social Network with my beginning computer students, and they LOVE it! Using the blog feature and uploaded videos. Great fun.
Bev Stout