Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beyond the Lecture: Students Reflect on Innovative Lecture Strategy

I am now wrapping up my final semester of teaching art history at Sierra College. Interestingly, my most exciting innovations this semester have been in my face-to-face class, as this has finally been the semester in which I've fully integrated all the content I've developed in my online History of Women in Art class into my face-to-face Women in Art class. Now I am beginning to assess my students' perspectives on how this very non-traditional learning environment has affected them.

Today I had the pleasure to speak with three wonderful student volunteers -- Ashley Abba, Heather Caldwell and Kaylee Schlosser -- about their thoughts on this semester. I have plenty more assessing to do including a full survey that is currently deployed, as well as a self-assessment but I thought I'd go ahead and share this recording because -- well, I'm just excited about it!

Here is some context:
This 20-minute conversation includes three students' perspectives about how Michelle's non-traditional teaching environment enhanced their learning experiences as students. Instead of spending class time lecturing, as a traditional college art history classes are typically structured, Michelle had her students access her lectures via podcast or print prior to coming to class via Blackboard and a link to iTunes U.

During the 16-week semester, her students also participated in visual, interactive VoiceThread discussions before their class meetings and had the opportunity to volunteer to lead the class in "wiki challenge" competitions that involved identifying key aspects of artists' lives and accomplishments and presenting them in the class wiki. The wiki content, once "approved" by the class, resulted in a portion of the assessment content.

Listen to the interview.
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