Friday, October 19, 2007

Information R/evolution

Another thought provoking video examining the implications of shifting from analog to digital information.
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Barry Brown said...

Wow, cool!

Anonymous said...

As a student I feel that teachers should embrace technology. As I walk around the Sacramento State campus I see countless people on their phones, ipods, computers, and handheld devices such as a palm or blackberry device. Technology is our future and will be consistently everywhere. In the classroom if teachers lectured using a computer presentation it would give the visual students something to look at and help them better to understand the topic. Teachers need to be more interactive with their students. They also need to engage them so that they remember what they are studying. To be a teacher is a great honor and in my opinion we all (teachers and students) can learn better by embracing technology not pushing it away.

Barry Brown said...

Creating good audio-visual content takes an enormous amount of time. My fellow colleagues tell me that for every one hour of deliverable content, it takes ten hours of preparation.

It will take time to shift our teaching modes. We're very comfortable standing up in front of dozens or hundreds of students, but not so comfortable looking into a camera or talking into a microphone. A new generation of teachers grown up in the digital age will probably be needed to really accelerate change. (Note: they'll be graduating from college in just a few years!)

It's also a matter of infrastructure -- and money. Asking the state to cough up a few million dollars to build a traditional classroom is easy. Asking it to fund a high-tech classroom with A/V equipment and a high-speed network to support it all is much more difficult. Retro-fitting existing classrooms is just about impossible.