Friday, May 4, 2007

Love Your Body Week!!!!!!!!!!

Today marks the end of Love Your Body Week! Wow, what a whirlwind. We had so many fantastic activities this week that collectively began an important and critical dialogue about the problem of negative body image in our society. We've created a blog (yes, another one!) to capture feedback from the event and encourage a flow of ideas for next year's program.

One of the most powerful pieces of Love Your Body Week was the Body Secret project which is a small, community-based project inspired by Frank Warren's Post Secret project. Students, staff and local community members were invited to create a Body Secret using image(s) and words that relayed an idea, feeling or fact about your body that you keep secret. The power of this project surfaces when one sits down to view the secrets. These are Body Secrets of Sierra College. Our own friends, colleagues, fellow students and neighbors. We have so much in common and much of it is painful. We received over 400 of them and there was a powerful article in the Sac Bee about the project too:

If you'd like to contribute to the LYBW blog and read my own "story," or view the Body Secrets of Sierra College, please go to:

"Love your body. Take back the world." -Eve Ensler

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