Thursday, June 10, 2010

Claymation for Teaching and Learning

Wes Fryer shared this incredible claymation production on his blog and via Twitter recently, as a new twist on an approach to digital storytelling.  The video below tells the story of Plato's cave.  I found it very compelling and the visual story has added a new dimension to my contemplation of this classic.  In interpreting the story, does anyone else read a parallel between "the cave" and "the classroom?"  Between the "prisoners" and teachers who are afraid or unwilling to experience teaching "in the cloud" or "outside the cave?"


For more information about this video or Bullhead Entertainment, go to


amberman said...
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amberman said...

As a technology innovator I sometimes feel like I've left the cave when I get a glimpse of what tech can do, and I find it incredibly hard to describe it once I'm back inside the cave - but as Plato reminds us we have an ethical obligation to try.